About Us

Lariat Land Co is a Michigan based company focused on growing our portfolio of land. We buy vacant lots, farm, hunting, recreational and raw land all over the United States.

Our focus is to fill the under served need of finding people who are looking to sell their property fast and providing them with the solution- a cash offer they can accept immediately. Unlike residential homes, those looking to sell their land face a much tougher selling market. Most people think they need to hire a real estate agent and wait a year or even longer to sell their land.

Unlike waiting for that perfect buyer on the open market looking for the exact type of property you are selling, we buy properties of all types as an investment. You can have cash in your pocket before most realtors would have you property listed on a real estate website geared towards people looking to buy homes.

There is no property we will not take into consideration. No piece of land too small or too big. We focus on finding the value in any property and making an offer that makes sense for both parties.

We want to know how we can help you, so give us a call or fill out our form and tell us how we can solve your land selling needs.